Product - Fruit Puree Concentrate - Apple Puree Concentrate

The apple puree concentrate is made from sound fresh ripe apples, finished through 0.5 mm or 0.8 mm screen size, sterilized and aseptically filled into 55 Gallons aseptic bags in open-head steel drums with one additional polyliner.


Item - Apple Puree Concentrate
Color: Milky-white to light-milky yellow
Flavor and Aroma: Typical apple puree flavor and aroma, no anomalous smell.
Brix 30 –32%, or 36 – 38%
Acid as Malic Acid 0.4% +
PH 3.2 – 4.5
Viscosity (20°C,15 Brix, 30 seconds) 12 – 20 cm/30s
TPC < 1 cfu/g
Mold/Yeast < 1 cfu/g
Coliform Negative


220KG aseptic bag with additional polyliner in steel drum. 80 drums per container.
We also can supply bin package. Samples are available upon request.


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